In the last 15+ years, I have been helping general managers, different department heads, engineers, lawyers and other professionals from private businesses to corporations such as Boskalis, Bosch, Colgate, HSBC & L’Oréal to break the invisible cultural barriers that have caused some of them losses in revenues, precious time and/or opportunities, in addition to helping some of their senior employees make a smoother transition into their new work cultural environment. 

I speak fluent Chinese (4 dialects including Mandarin & Cantonese), English, French and Spanish.

If you feel stressed about your impasses at work, it might be because of the invisible cultural barrier. In that case, I could be your solution. Send me an email and let us get started on your journey to the work success that you are looking for.

work across cultures

Hello! I am Chingmay and I am a multilingual intercultural communication coach who believes in sustainable success and harmony through improved communication with people in your life (professional as well as personal).

My passion is to bridge cultural gaps for people who feel frustrated, confused, stressed or even embarrassed in a new working environment. I enjoy using my training to help people find the fun and fascinating elements of the culture in which they are working and connect with on a human level.

I also have a passion in learning the different trades of my clients, and helping them spread their missions and best practices to their collaborators in other parts of the world.

I look forward to working with you to overcome your cultural challenges and to assisting your product/service training by providing an interpretation that is adapted to different cultures.


Warmest regards,



Intercultural Communication Coach

BA in International Relations, magna cum laude (The American University of Paris)

Passionate About Sharing Information

I am married to a Chilean. I work with Chinese, English, French and Spanish speaking people on a regular basis.  I've lived in the following cities:

•  20 years in Hong Kong

•  5 years in California

•  5 years in New York

•  4 years in Paris

•  2 years in Pamplona

•  10 years in Shanghai

•  2 years in Beijing