Hélène Riou
 DRH chez Horizon Software - Mars 2020

How to transform lockdown into opportunity?

By exploring the potentiality of ourselves, standing together, sharing.


We are an intercultural company: born in Europe, strong footprint in Asia and embracing North America. Our teams are located all around the globe. Living interculturality is our day-to-day.


Last month, we were pleased to attend two one-hour long online talks on Intercultural Communication Awareness given by Chingmay Jo, an Intercultural Management Coach. All our teams feel that they’ve benefited greatly from these interactive talks, which have made them more aware of the different communication and work styles of their colleagues and clients from different cultures.


At Horizon Software, we value ​​this type of knowledge. Our goal is for our global and culturally diversified teams to always excel in working together, and in servicing as well as anticipating our clients’ needs.


During this period of economic impasse brought about by the current health crisis, we think it is also time for organizing this type of online talks/training, so that we can learn to collaborate better with our colleagues and clients from around the globe, now and later. We highly recommend Chingmay's cross-cultural communication/management training to add value to your business.

Sébastien Salin

Director, Acheterpourlouer.co

June 2021

J'ai réalisé la formation intercultural communication avec Chingmay, ce fut très intéressant j'ai beaucoup appris durant cette formation. Je recommande vivement d'y participer. 

Ma chère Chingmay,

Je ne te remercierai jamais assez. Même avec le bras cassé, ce qui n'était pas la meilleure chose au monde, surtout le bras droit, tu as fait un travail formidable et bien sûr parce que tu as cette sensibilité au monde de l'enfance, tu as pu comprendre des concepts qui ne sont pas simples.

Au plaisir chère Chingmay de se retrouver peut-être... en Espagne

Juan Carlos Astudillo
Marine Biologist, HKU

Anaïs’s training has been very useful for my adaptation to the multicultural working environment in Hong Kong. Thanks to her valuable tips that helped me understand different cultures such as French, American, Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese, I’ve been able to appreciate and enjoy my working relationship with colleagues from different places. 


Hong Kong is very multicultural, as Anais emphasises, knowing English doesn’t mean you can communicate well because words have different meanings in different cultures. And, there are many things that need to be understood without words. I learn what are those unspoken things from her workshop.


I would like to express sincere thank you to Anaïs for your cultural workshop I have attended in February 2021. It really changed my approach and vision to everything. Since I live and work overseas in an international environment, I have to deal with many people coming from all different backgrounds and I have to say it was very challenging and stressful before I had a chance to visit your workshop. I wish I knew about your seminar since I applied for a job overseas. I have to say it would have made my life much easier if my company would provide me a brief introduction of daily challenges I would have to encounter not only at work ,but just buying a bread in different country... I am looking forward for the next cultural workshop!


Elizabeth (Marriott International associate)

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