How to create a team culture online (that can overrule individual cultures)

Hello, I am Chingmay. I am an Intercultural Communication Coach.

In my last video I talked about how we could do team bonding online.

When we work online, it’s easy to have intercultural communication problems.

We miss body gestures and some other non-verbal indicators that normally give us a more complete picture of a message.

Nowadays, teams are more and more diversified, with each member bringing in their own cultures, which can make communication and collaboration challenging.

I suggest that each team agree on a “team culture” that can rule over individual culture so that work can be smooth and pleasant for everyone.

A team will get together online bi-monthly for 90 minutes. The team leader can spend some minutes to complement each member for their work.

And then, led by the leader, each member will get a chance to tell the others a communication or management related frustration that occurred to them at work.

You can talk about a situation without naming who made you felt bad or frustrated.

Then, you should say that it’s something very uncommon in the culture where you come from.

For example, someone likes to copy a lot of people in an email and you’re not used to it and felt annoyed by it.

If the “perpetrator” is in the team, you make sure that you are stressing on how you feel about this and not how “bad” the other person is.

Make sure that you don’t sound like you are accusing the other person of his/her behaviour. The idea is to get empathy from people.

After going round the team, the rest of the time should be spent on deciding on an accepted behaviour for similar situations

So that going forward, no hard feelings or misunderstandings will come out of similar incidents.

I hope this suggestion helps.

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