Serving Water With the Right Temperature to the Chinese

This is the first of my many upcoming Chinese culture tips: Water temperature.

There will be moments in life you will be serving water to your Chinese guests.

You might not know, but serving water with the “right” temperature will make you appreciated. So, Cold water, room temperature water or hot water?

Chinese people don’t usually drink cold water, especially not with ice in the glass. If you serve it with ice, even if it’s summer, they will kindly ask you to remove the ice or they will do it themselves.

The answer is room temperature water - that’s actually most appreciated.

In Winter, You could offer tea or hot water. Since they don’t know what kind of tea you will serve, they will most likely go for the hot water. Hot water is a very common and popular drink for the Chinese in cold weather, and it will never be wrong to offer that :)

I hope this video is useful for you.

I am Chingmay and I am a cross-cultural trainer.

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